Ugly Love 2.0

there will be so much chaos when this world falls apart, like a wedding toast went wrong because everyone had too much to drink and you, with your shivering hands and your incomplete sentences and your arm stretched out in front of my face asking for another glass of champagne, i say please can't you … Continue reading Ugly Love 2.0


Square Meals

Breakfast sits still on a ceramic plate; I think of little china people. Not little Chinese people, china people. Like the ones, Alice knows of? The ones that lose life when you take them home with you. - Too much salt. I mean, I'm pretty sure I heard someone cry themselves to sleep last night, … Continue reading Square Meals


Mitti ho kar ishq kiya hai ik dariya ki rawaani se, Deewar-o-dar maang raha hu main bhi behte paani se. headfirst through a glass window from fourteen stories above with no stories left to tell, catapulting to the ground feeling the blood rush through a bruised and broken body like it’s confused. the blood is … Continue reading Beqadri.


"Kya gham hai jisko chhupa rahe ho, tum itna jo muskura rahe ho?" the sadness in your eyes is borrowed. every story you tell is borrowed. every time i laugh it hurts my chest; i realise my laughter is borrowed. sixty pence for a lifetime of giggles, i say no, thank you, it's a wonderful … Continue reading Hiraeth


when i finally left a place i tried calling home for 19 years and failed, i promised myself i would fall in love with the things that i couldnt because i was too sad back then, or too scared. and i promised myself to never miss another sunset. so in a diary i wrote down … Continue reading Blue.